September 16, 2019

Coordinated Entry System Support

HUD’s primary goals for coordinated entry processes are that assistance be allocated as effectively as possible and that it be easily accessible no matter where or how people present.

Simtech Solutions offers a technical framework, rather than a single solution, to support each community’s coordinated response to homelessness.  The framework, illustrated below, maximizes the impact of existing HMIS data systems while incorporating a community resource directory, mobile tech to better incorporate the work of street outreacha data warehouse, and performance management tools to fill the gaps HMIS systems tend to leave unfilled.

Details on how these and other components can be integrated to create a coordinated entry system that both meets local needs and complies with HUD requirements can be found within the Rethinking the Homelessness Response Framework white paper.

To learn how to meet HUD APR requirements without confining Coordinated Entry to one project in HMIS, click here.