March 23, 2020

Rethinking the Homelessness Response Framework

Presented at: National Homeless Services Data Consortium, Nashville, TN

Presented on: 04/15-04/17/2019

Communities face many common challenges when attempting to effectively respond to the range of housing needs of individuals and families. To overcome these challenges, multiple technical objects, or services, can be integrated into a singular framework. Each service within the framework fulfills a specific functional requirement and works seamlessly with the other services through the adoption of established APIs and data exchange protocols. In this presentation, we share this development practice, known as “Service-Oriented Architecture” (SOA), and have an informed discussion on how this practice might revolutionize our collective approach for responding to homelessness. We highlight how the SOA approach has supported work to measure the impact of natural disasters, identify racial disparities, inform prioritization for coordinated entry, and measure system and project performance.

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