March 16, 2020

When CE Best Practices Don’t Work: Setting up CE in Regions with Closed and Fragmented Data Systems

Presented at: NHSDC Conference, Pittsburgh PA

Presented on: 04/18/2018

HUD has required that regions have a Coordinated Entry System in place by January 23, 2018. We’ve seen best practices from many regions who have a single, open, HMIS system and have strong participation rates. What about regions who do not? Some regions have providers that use different HMIS software or don’t use HMIS at all. Others have a compelling need to include first responders and street outreach workers into the CE framework. And then there are the regions with a closed-HMIS that have difficulty when it comes to putting the “coordinated” into “coordinated entry”. Even with all of these components figured out, then there is the need to come to a common agreement on how to prioritize people for housing opportunities that might arise, and what additional assessments should be conducted (if any). During this session we will share the experiences in working with regions for whom the commonly used best practices don’t seem to cut it.

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