March 16, 2020

Refining Coordinated Entry to Better Connect with People Living on the Streets

Presented at: San Antonio Mayor’s Housing Summit

Presented on: 09/18/2018

A key tenet of the Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness is to create a “No Wrong Door” coordinated entry system.  While HMIS is an entry point for the majority of Federally funded projects, there are still several other entry and exit points within a community that HMIS does not cover.  Charlotte, San Antonio, and Houston shared a common goal of reducing the number of closed doors and decided to participate in a pilot project aimed at addressing this issue.  During this session, we share details on the obstacles that need to be overcome to extend coordinated entry to include street outreach, first responders, and providers that aren’t funded by HUD.  This will be followed by an overview of the design, development, and implementation phases that ensued as well as a status update of where each community is within the process of broadening their homelessness response frameworks to be more inclusive.

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