March 22, 2020

HUD Chronic Homelessness Audit

Running this report gives you a quick overview of which clients are marked as Chronically Homeless in HMIS, versus those that meet the current definition (4 or more episodes or 1 consecutive stay of 365 or more days in the past 3 years, plus has a disabling condition).  Ideally, every client marked as Chronically Homeless should meet this criteria, and every client that meets this criteria should be marked as Chronically Homeless, but this not always the case. This report will highlight those clients that do not match up.

As HUD has yet to release programming specifications for such a report we have written our own which can be found here

NOTE: In order to run chronic homeless audits AgencyDash needs client-level data for all clients served by all emergency shelters and street outreach projects within the area for a three year period of time.  Simtech also needs permission to perform logic that de-duplicates clients which may require a separate agreement between Simtech Solutions and the HMIS Lead Agency for your Continuum of Care if such an agreement is not already in place. 

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