October 8, 2020

HMIS Virtual Help Desk

The HMIS virtual help desk is a hosted offering available to HMIS users within your community. When users submit tickets, we work collaboratively with your existing staff to respond to issues and requests related to HMIS:

Level 1: Client staff
  • Focus on HMIS administration tasks, such as creating and managing user accounts, merging duplicate clients, and performing basic troubleshooting.
Level 2: Simtech Solutions Support Team
  • If a ticket is received by the Level 1 support team and extra help would be beneficial, the Level 1 team member can reassign the ticket to the Level 2 support team managed by Simtech Solutions for additional technical assistance.

As part of this offering, a virtual email address will also be created for submissions from HMIS users with details on their issue. When an email is sent to this customized account, a help desk support ticket is automatically created.

HMIS implementations are a vital component within a region’s technical framework to support the work of addressing homelessness. Simtech staff have been performing HMIS administration services since 2002 and have a depth of understanding of HUD requirements and the intricacies of the various HMIS systems. 

By acting as an extension of your existing staffing, we will work together to help ensure that your local HMIS is configured properly to support the HUD HMIS data collection requirements and that all HUD required reports (LSA, SPM, etc.) are generated on time and are submitted successfully.

The pricing for this service is based on both the cost of hosting the virtual help desk service as well as the staffing to support help desk tickets. Please contact our team if you’re interested in learning more!