July 22, 2019


Simtech Solutions offers a range of technical tools and strategic consulting to support communities in responding to local homelessness. By providing resources that streamline services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness, we can help you improve outcomes, increase accountability, and reduce the administrative burdens associated with delivering complex services and housing. Our reporting platform supports all requirements for Continuum of Care reporting to HUD for HMIS in the current HUD CSV data exchange format. Because HomelessData.com can integrate data from any HMIS source, it can be a platform for more advanced analytics to support regional and statewide efforts such as by-name lists; coordinated entry and system-level performance measures.  We take a methodical approach that enables us to identify areas in need of attention, rectify these issues, and provide data-based consultation to community stakeholders and community leaders.

Simtech Solutions brings a unique combination of technology and strategic consulting to agencies, local CoCs, and broader regions, as each of these provides a unique lens into the response to homelessness. We seek partnerships with people on the ground who are ready to embrace technology as a key tool in an effective response to homelessness.  

Our service offerings include the following: