September 19, 2019

Our Products

Simtech Solutions consists of a team of software developers and social workers who happen to care deeply about the issue of homelessness.  We apply our software development skills to areas we believe we can have the most impact.  Please click on the links listed below to learn more about our existing suite of tools.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about how these tools can work together as a seamlessly integrated framework and help you reach your programmatic goals.


An HMIS Data Warehouse that enables communities to gather data from various systems to support the collective works of non-profits who are helping those in need.

Counting Us

Mobile Tech to support an automated Point in Time Count and geospatial analysis of your community. Counting Us is the industry-leading mobile tech used by 50+ regions to support their annual PIT count.

Show the Way

An app for street outreach workers that allows teams to quickly capture information about the location of an interaction, the person engaged with, and services or resources provided.

Performance Management Dashboards

We build dashboards to show the efficacy of each project within a region. By better understanding who is making the most impact, and who is making the least, we can help communities be more strategic with their limited resources.

NOFA Rating & Ranking Scorecards

Using HUD CoC Project Rating and Ranking Tool as a guide, our scorecards are automated using APR results and GIW data​ for the NOFA Rating & Ranking Process. Scoring is based on local criteria and HUD guidance.