March 16, 2020

Automating the Production of Performance Measurement Dashboards

While System Performance Measures (SPMs) are intended to provide a snapshot into the homeless response system as an entire coordinated initiative, Project Performance Measures (PPMs) allow policy makers and community leaders to evaluate both the proficiency and impact of each specific resource.  More details on the intersect between SPMs and PPMs can be found in the white paper we wrote on the subject found here. HUD has created formal specifications for SPMs but has yet to really delve into project performance measures themselves.  The Annual Performance Report (APR) is the closest candidate but, if the results are viewed in isolation, the APR figures lack context.  For a project to be measured for its proficiency, the results of the project need to be compared to the APR results of its peers.  For a project to be measured on growth, the results of the project need to compared to past results for that same project. This document provides an outline of the underlying technical work required to greatly simplify the process of preparing PPMs that can measure both proficiency and growth. 

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