March 16, 2020

Adopting the HUD Point in Time Mobile App to Assist with Regional Counts

Presented at: NHSDC Conference Arlington, VA

Presented on: 10/10/2013

The annual point in time (PIT) homeless census is an instrumental effort conducted for the purpose of ascertaining the true scope of homelessness both locally and nationally.  Results from both the 2011 and 2012 census showed that 38% of all homeless were residing in unsheltered locations. Despite recent advances in technology most regions still rely on paper-based surveys and a manual process for tabulating their street counts.  In this session we will share the free “Point In Time Counting Tools” mobile app, discuss the rationale for such a tool, how it can benefit the interaction with clients, share results and user feedback from the beta tests, and provide guidance on how the app can be integrated within regional data collection and reporting processes.

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