July 23, 2019

About Us

Founded in 1998, Simtech Solutions Inc. is a Massachusetts-based S-Corporation focused on using advanced technologies to help communities address homelessness.Simtech started as homeless management information system (HMIS)  administrators in 2002 for the City of Quincy, MA and our role in providing technical support services and development services has expanded greatly since then. 

We now provide reporting services for multiple HMIS vendors, work with HUD as Technical Assistance providers, serve as HMIS administrators for several communities, led the development and ongoing management of a statewide HMIS system in Massachusetts, and work directly with regions to design and administer effective coordinated entry systems.  Simtech also developed mobile technology for the annual point-in-time homeless count that is used by 50+ communities across the US.

Our mission is to help communities determine the extent of the problem, understand the underlying issues, and measure the efficacy of work being done to prevent and end homelessness. Simtech Solutions is currently helping more than 2,400 projects with their HMIS reporting needs and hosts data pertaining to over 330,000 people who are currently experiencing, or whom have experienced, homelessness. The information that is collected and reported to HUD tells a powerful and important story about homelessness in a community.

Our current HMIS data warehouse, HomelessData.com, accepts any data that adheres to the latest HUD Data Exchange Format.  This infrastructure allows communities to utilize multiple HMIS systems and still meet Federal requirements to produce regional reports such as the Annual Performance Report (APR) and the System Performance Measures.  We work with data sourced from a multitude of HMIS software solutions which can be aggregated to generate a variety of reports to support CoC planning as well as compliance. With data in-hand, our tools also allow us to derive project-level performance reports.

Simtech’s advanced technology, and deep knowledge about the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) program and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), enable us to support a wide range of customers throughout the US.

For more information, contact usWe look forward to hearing from you.