Point In Time Count Support

Simtech Solutions provides comprensive support to regions that are using mobile technology to support the annual Point in Time (PIT) Homeless Census. The PIT count is conducted on the last Wednesday iJanuary throughout the Country and includes both the sheltered and unsheltered populations. Local communities are responsible for planning, coordinating and carrying out the census.
Detailed information about the mobile apps, data store and command center can be found on our PointInTime.Info website. While the technology provides essential tools to support the Count, Simtech is available to help communities ensure that the tools are being used effectively.
We support:
  • PreCount planning: Building on what has worked well and what hasn't in previous years; Understanding how any paper surveys differ from questions on the App; How does the Count relate to HMIS and system level performance measures
  • Volunteer Management: How will the community use volunteers? What is the role of Count Teams and Count Team Captains? What is the geography of each team? How can teams be best tracked on the night of the count? 
  • Training Materials: Guidance on downloading and using the app; methodogy and guidance to ensure that everyone is counted once and only once; a Getting Started posted
  • Support: On-Site or virtual support on the night of the count
  • Post Count Support: Guidance on cleaning up data base for reporting; generating the Unsheltered report
.More details on the key components of this comprehensive framework can be found within the links below:
  • Point In Time (PIT) Count Report Generation Tool - allows for reporting over data gathered from shelter programs using HMIS while also providing the ability for shelters not using HMIS to produce a PIT report for their program. 
  • Counting.US - mobile app  - Available from the Apple Store and Google Play
  • Point In Time Regional Command Center - used to collect and report over survey data captured by volunteers and street outreach workers using the HUD Point In Time Counting Tool to produce the unsheltered homeless counts for a region.
  • Point In Time Summary Report - this report works off of data gathered from the PIT Count Collection Tool to produce the final figures to be posted to HUDHDX.  
  • Point In Time Trend Analysis - provides year to year comparisons on the trends of homelessness within a region. This can be useful for demonstrating the effectiveness of new policies and procedures and help pinpoint areas in need of greater attention.